Jalmari Kivinen

Hello, I'm Jalmari Kivinen and originally from Finland. During the last years I've lived and worked around the world in multiple locations like Ireland, England, Estonia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Education: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Information Systems). To be honest, not sure how much formal education matters when hustling in the world of online business.

Started my first online business in 2008 while studying at university. Last 5 years have had a laser-sharp focus on building solid online sales funnels.

Many Paths to the Mountaintop

There are several ways to achieve excellent results. It depends heavily on one’s personality which to choose, and my philosophy is to be an infinite learner.

When facing a tricky question, I can spoon industry knowledge from countless sources:

Online trainings & groups

I’ve purchased and belonged to dozens of online courses and mastermind groups deliver by the top players like Neil Patel, Peep Laja (Conversion XL), Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer), Ryan Levesque (Ask Method), Russel Brunson (Clickfunnels), Andrew Chaperon (Autoresponder Madness), Don Miller (Storybrand), Ryan Holiday, Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula), Perry Marshall, Tony Ulwick (Jobs-to-be-Done), Pat Flynn


I’ve read (and speed learned) +300 books during the last years. Topics have varied from traditional business to User Experience (UX), sales copywriting, leadership, self-management, consumer psychology, programming, growth hacking etc…

Lived around the world

During last years I’ve lived and worked in various locations like Dublin (Ireland), Tallin (Estonia), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and London (England). This has broadened my worldview and offered a viewpoint to see how diverse organizations operate in different kind of circumstances.


Participated in dozens prime level online business conferences both in Europe and US.
This has provided me a remarkable change to meet similar minded people and talk (drink beer) with undisputed industry leaders.

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