A four week coaching package:

Growth experimentation in practice - let's implement your team's growth process together

WHAT? We'll set up your team's experimentation process together to have a repeatable way to figure out ways to grow your company.

This four week coaching is especially for your team if:

  • You don't know what you should do next because of too many options (like channels, technologies, marketing tricks, contradictory instructions online etc.)
  • You have tried some growth initiatives like (like marketing, prospecting) with poor outcomes.
  • You've read all the growth hacking books, but it's hard to get all the high-level theories into action.

From my experience working with him, it is clear that Jalmari has great drive and the ability to recognize the things that really matters in successful product development. To cap this up, he is a very sociable person and very easy to work with. Without any doubts, he is a valuable asset to any organization that is lucky to have him.

Abayomi Baiyere Digitalization & Innovation Researcher - CBS, Denmark and MIT, USA

The four week coaching includes:

  • WhatsApp group ONLY for your business for daily mini questions (I'll answer within the same day, but often I'll get back to you in no time)
  • All the sheets, templates and other tools (for free) to run your experimentation process (please see the video above for more details).
  • 2-3 hour kickstart workshop on Zoom to get known to each other
  • Weekly 1,5-hour implementation calls. 
  • I'll be looking experimentation over your shoulder during the weeks.
  • Training materials on an online course platform
  • 100% remote work - if you locate in Helsinki (Finland), we can discuss weekly physical meetings too
Jalmari Kivinen

About Your Coach

Hello, I'm a Growth Experimentation Coach for teams chasing Product-Market-fit. Altogether, I have years of experience in growth, conversion (CRO), and product experimentation. In this online course, I want to share my best battle-tested learnings.

- Jalmari Kivinen, Growth Experimentation Coach

This service is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for quick wins. Growth hacking is not a marketing trick. It's a slightly boring BUT effective approach to run your daily grind. Trust the process.
  • You are not ready to learn new. Experimentation is an art and science to act fast and still reduce risk. In other words, it's a NEW WAY OF THINKING. And it takes some time to turn it into a habit.

The 4 week schedule depending if you are starting out or running experiments already:

He masters the fundamentals of effective sales funnel building. I can see Jalmari's passion for combining human behavior, sales copywriting and deeply analytical approach. He has the skill to present complicated things simple, and it's convenient to put his advice into practice full steam ahead.

Henry Nyberg Product Director at Frosmo Ltd.

And the price?

Price for a four-week project:
6 100 € / $7,105 USD (companies in Finland additional VAT 24%)

What if the coaching sucks?

No problem. If you feel so, just let me know and you'll get all your money back.

Okay sounds good, so how do we start?

The first step, hit me a message, and we can then jump on a Zoom call to discuss more as soon as possible. Choose the best way to contact me:

  • You can send me a message on LinkedIn (if we are not connections, send me a request from here: linkedin.com/in/jalmarikivinen )
  • Send me an email to jalmari at kingoffunnel.com
  • Fill the form below 👇

I'll get back to you in no time. Also, for any questions, please get in touch with me as mentioned above.
-Jalmari Kivinen

The goal for this four-week sprint is to run the experimentation process independently with your team.