GOAL: Make clear what to do tomorrow, next week, next month, in three months etc..

I've been an entrepreneur since 2014 and have seen dozens and dozens of different size teams and startups.

And the common factor for failure is pretty simple - time and money are burnt on topics that don't generate progress.

In a complex world mind want's to work on the "nice stuff" instead of crucial things taking you forward. Right things at the right time

My role as a "cofounder as a service":

  • Maintain clarity: What are the real bottlenecks we need to work on? Something with sales and marketing? Building the product? Looking for investment?
  • I kick your butt - it's like having an accountability buddy. So are we working on the things that matter now? Is it happening, or are we just inflating the never-ending todo-list?

The core elements we work on:


Who are our customers? What are their top 3 problems? Where do they hang out?

Where to get the next patch of customers? What if we don't have money to hire a salesperson or marketer?

We are used to reading battle stories from Silicon Valley unicorns. We don't need scalable models to acquire the first customers. 

Running non-scalable customer acquisition is the fastest way to get sales in the beginning. Our perfect customer profile is just a wild guess (hypothesis). We compensate for the lack of customer knowledge with manual work.

E.g., in B2B, we don't need super-sophisticated CRM systems and analytics. Instead, we write down 10-20 target companies on a sheet with the relevant contact person like "HR manager". Then we ask if they have faced the issue we are solving by email, calls, or Linkedin messages to get feedback on whether we are on the right track. It's not fancy, but it works.


If you have built the solution already:

  • How to figure out why the product is not selling?
  • How do we figure out what the product should do to get demand?

If you don't have the solution built yet:

  • In most cases, we can get first sales BEFORE making the first version of MVP.
  • How to determine what should be MINIMALISTIC features before building MVP.
  • And the best part is that we can TEST if we should build the MVP!


    Are there some major knowledge caps to fill?

A Cofounder as a Service is for you if:

  • You are on the idea stage.
  • You have been running your business for 1-2 years but feel things don't click.

Whether you are just starting or have been running for a while, we work on your core business blocks:

Desirability - are we solving a problem people want to pay for?

Viability - Do the business numbers make sense (price, cost etc..)?

Feasibility - can we build a solution curing the problem well enough

Working with me is not a "one-man show."

 Throughout all these years, I've explored hundreds of books, frameworks, courses, conferences, and playbooks on many relevant areas (startups, product, marketing, sales, lean, processes, leadership etc...). I've been networking and studying straight from the industry pioneers, and from this experience, I can harness you with the knowledge you require in later stages in your unique context.

Also, I reach out to my network whenever challenging questions arise to get up-to-date insights.

We can also go through if there is a need for mentors in specific domain knowledge. 

To sum up my approach, the book Running Lean by Ash Maurya is the "big picture" I apply the most. (NOTE: I'm talking about the third edition published in 2022 replacing the second edition from 2011.)

Pricing and packages

one-time call
  • 90 minute remote meeting (Google Hangouts)
  • 7 day access through Whatsapp voice messages

Price 149€  + VAT

  • Everything as 4 WEEKS plus...
  • I jump in your team one morning or noon weekly to work together on a specific topic. I live in Helsinki, so a physical meeting might also work, depending on your location.
  • Typical topics are hammering your business model canvas, researching the customers, working on your MVP/solutions, and planning marketing or sales experiments.

Price 2499€  + VAT


Other ways to contact me:

  • Book a 30 minute call with me here: https://calendly.com/jalmari/30min
  • You can send me a message on LinkedIn (if we are not connections, send me a request from here: linkedin.com/in/jalmarikivinen )
  • Send me an email to jalmari at kingoffunnel.com
  • Call me +358 40 729 8202
  • Send me a Whatsapp message (same number as above)
  • Fill the form below at the end of this page👇
Jalmari Kivinen

Hello, any questions? 

Please let me know.

The first step, hit me a message, and we can then jump on a call to discuss more as soon as possible. Choose the best way to contact me:

- Jalmari Kivinen

What if the coaching sucks?

No problem. If you feel so, just let me know and you'll get all your money back.

The first step, hit me a message, and we can then jump on a Zoom call to discuss more as soon as possible. Choose the best way to contact me:

I'll get back to you in no time. Also, for any questions, please get in touch with me as mentioned above.
-Jalmari Kivinen

From my experience working with him, it is clear that Jalmari has great drive and the ability to recognize the things that really matters in successful product development. To cap this up, he is a very sociable person and very easy to work with. Without any doubts, he is a valuable asset to any organization that is lucky to have him.

Abayomi Baiyere Digitalization & Innovation Researcher - CBS, Denmark and MIT, USA

He masters the fundamentals of effective sales funnel building. I can see Jalmari's passion for combining human behavior, sales copywriting and deeply analytical approach. He has the skill to present complicated things simple, and it's convenient to put his advice into practice full steam ahead.

Henry Nyberg Product Director at Frosmo Ltd.
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