A 60-minute coaching call - let's tackle your primary dilemma 

Book a time and let's work on your business related questions

Price: A 60-minute coaching call 190€ + VAT

After the session, I will gather my thoughts and send you some extra ideas and resources. It takes some time to digest all the information, usually within 24-48 hours of our meeting.

Calls are remote Google Meet meetings, you can bring your teammates to join too.

If you operate in the Helsinki center area, we could have a physical meeting, too (let's discuss this later).

Jalmari Kivinen

Hello, any questions? 

Please let me know.

Looking forward to chat with you. For any other questions, please email me jalmari@kingoffunnel.com

- Jalmari Kivinen

From my experience working with him, it is clear that Jalmari has great drive and the ability to recognize the things that really matters in successful product development. To cap this up, he is a very sociable person and very easy to work with. Without any doubts, he is a valuable asset to any organization that is lucky to have him.

Abayomi Baiyere Digitalization & Innovation Researcher - CBS, Denmark and MIT, USA

He masters the fundamentals of effective sales funnel building. I can see Jalmari's passion for combining human behavior, sales copywriting and deeply analytical approach. He has the skill to present complicated things simple, and it's convenient to put his advice into practice full steam ahead.

Henry Nyberg Product Director at Frosmo Ltd.
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